The land of Faerun is massive and has many heroes and villains. It would be the work of thousands of lifetimes to chronicle all of the deeds that have come and gone. Instead let us focus on a single band of adventurers, and learn how they became heroes.

During the winter of 1379, the Year of The Lost Keep, a small group of adventurers arrived in the city of Neverwinter, bearing news of a horde of savage creatures that would descend upon the city as soon as the snows were gone.

Once the news of the impending attack was delivered to the city, the adventurers set out to foil an alliance between a tribe of werewolves and the horde. After a bloody battle, they succeeded in forever ending the threat of the werewolf tribe, though it cost them the lives of two of their companions to do so.

And so begin the adventures…

Neverwinter Campaign