Neverwinter Campaign

Into Neverwinter Woods Again

After their last foray into the Neverwinter Woods ended in the death of two of their companions the party of adventurers decided to rest for a tenday in Neverwinter. On the 13th of Nightal,1379, they found out that a sickness was afflicting the people of the city. The majority of its targets were powerful priests and paladins, though others had contracted it as well.

They sought the aid of Faelar who told them that the ability to rid the city of the sickness was beyond him, though his master Regath might be able to banish it from the city. The party set out to find Regath who lived deep within the Neverwinter Wood.

Eventually they were able to find Regath, who agreed to come to Neverwinter and perform a ritual that would stop the sickness. He also told them that for the ritual to work properly, they would need to find and kill the one who had called and held the sickness within the city.

After gathering the components needed for the ritual he accompanied the party back to the city. Though they had an encounter with a young dragon, the party managed to make it to Neverwinter relatively unscathed.


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